2015-2016 WCCC Board

The 2015-2016 Weill Cornell Community Clinic Board is hard at work to make sure we provide quality health care for all of our patients. Curious about how the clinic works? Here are what our first-year medical student coordinators are up to!

Patient Services Coordinators – Alexandra Miller & Ilana Scandariato
Alex and Ilana reach out to patients and schedule them for appointments. In cases of cancellations, they find and schedule available patients to make sure that WCCC resources are well-used.

Student Scheduling and Front Desk Coordinator – Mitali Kini
Mitali coordinates WCCC junior clinicians, drawn from the first and second year medical student classes. She also coordinates junior clinician access to our electronic medical record, EPIC.

Physician Recruitment Coordinator – Hudson Pierce
Hudson coordinates with Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian physicians to make sure our clinic nights are fully staffed.

Referrals Coordinators – Medicine: Linjia Jia & Sam Taylor; Women’s Health: Micha Thompson
Linjia, Sam, and Micha work with departments at Weill Cornell Medicine as well as community hospitals to make sure our patients receive the imaging and specialty appointments that they need.

Pharmacy Coordinators – David Hess-Homeier & Maria Passarelli
David and Maria coordinate medication reimbursement with our patients. They are also currently working to incorporate Blink Health, an application that provides the lowest possible cost of medications, into WCCC to most effectively use our resources.

Mental Health Clinic Coordinator – Wesley Rogers
Wesley works to make sure patient, student, and physician scheduling runs smoothly for the psychiatry clinic.

Women’s Health Clinic Coordinator – Brandon Maddy
Brandon is the point person for the gynecology clinic scheduling and coordinates with OB/GYN preceptors.

Access to Care Coordinator – Shobana Ramasamy
Shobana works with our wonderful Social Work team to determine the eligibility of our patients to enroll in low-cost or free insurance coverage. They have recently built a partnership with our nearby Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, which will provide patients with resources to help in their transition to health insurance.

Continuity of Care Coordinator – Marcela Toro Bejarano
Continuity of Care is a partnership between WCCC and Weill Cornell Medicine’s LEAP program, which matches medical students and patients and promotes longitudinal partnerships. Marcela coordinates and recruits WCCC patients to participate in the LEAP program in order to improve the quality of their care.
Treasurer and Partner Outreach Coordinator – Shokhi Goel
Shokhi is working to make sure that our resources are well-distributed to serve patients at WCCC. She also coordinates with clinical departments at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian to set up referrals networks.

Fundraising and Alumni Outreach – Sapir Nachum
Sapir is actively working with the planning board for our annual Without a Safety Net Fundraiser. This event will take place on April 7 this year and is crucial to raising the financial resources necessary to keep WCCC running.

Public Relations and Networking Coordinator – Zhenzhen Shi
Zhenzhen promotes WCCC visibility through social media and coordination with community partners. She works closely with Sapir and the Without a Safety Net Fundraiser planning committee to promote the event.

Quality Assurance – Phillip O’Donnell
Phillip is working on measures such as checklists to improve the quality and efficiency of our patient care.

Patient Education – Kelsey Young & Katie Wilcox
Kelsey and Katie are implementing a nutrition initiative by talking with patients about healthy dietary practices and providing cards with quick and healthy recipes.

Research and Data Management – Olivia Sutton
Olivia maintains WCCC’s database of patient information and coordinates with medical students to identify and explore meaningful research projects.


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