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Transitions and Board Spotlight: Pharmacy Chair

Over the past month WCCC has been transitioning to our new board members. They have all taken up their responsibilities and begun integrating their own ideas and skills into their positions. Our first spotlight of the new Board is from Daniel Poston, one of the Pharmacy Chairs:


“I got involved with WCCC because I wanted to help make a difference in patient’s lives. I’m one of the Pharmacy Chairs—we are involved with helping patients find low-cost prescription medications, subsidizing the cost of those medications through our reimburse program, and connecting patients with programs that can assist them with obtaining low cost or free medication. Given the increasing cost of pharmaceuticals in the USA, I feel very gratified by helping patients access medications they need and educating them on navigating medication costs to allow them to continue to manage their conditions. Overall, I think helping our patients secure the medication they need is an essential component of the clinic providing quality, comprehensive, and compassionate care to all of our patients.”

You can meet the rest of our board members here:


Feature in Weill Cornell Medicine Magazine

Recently the Weill Cornell Community Clinic was featured in the Weill Cornell Medicine Magazine, the second of such articles since the WCCC opened its doors ten-and-a-half years ago. The WCCC was recognized for its work as a free clinic, providing high quality care for uninsured patients in New York City, and because of the role we serve as a philanthropic outlet for students, physicians, and NYP social workers. WCCC provides an innovative and engaging source of service learning for the student clinicians, who noted that the immersive experience and direct attending oversight enables them to take a “lead role in diagnosing… and providing care.” We are honored to be recognized for our work and continue to strive to provide our patients with the quality of care they need. The full article can be read here: weill-cornell-medicine-vol-15-no-4-wcm-article

The WCM Magazine is released quarterly and highlights the work of faculty and students. It can be accessed in full here:

New York Student-Run Free Clinic Conference

Recently members of our board attended the NY Conference for Student Run Clinics. This conference allows students from medical schools all over the state who participate in their medical schools’ free clinics to come together and share best practices and brainstorm about potential issues facing the clinics and how to overcome them.

The outgoing Pharmacy Chairs also presented a poster on a quality improvement project to improve utilization of the clinics reimbursement policy while decreasing the cost for both the clinic and the patients. The changes to the work flow that they implemented positively impacted the running of Weill Cornell Community Clinic and they were able to share this success with the other clinics of the state.

Our members found the conference very helpful in allowing the trading of ideas for the improvement of the clinic and fostered a shared sense of purpose between the students of different schools.

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